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What to wear? 

It’s important to be relaxed and comfortable. Please don’t feel as though you have to over dress. We allow time for 1 or 2 outfit changes during your session so feel free to bring a couple of sets of clothes. Tighter and more shapely clothing works best for showing off your beautiful bump! Strips, spots and patterns also emphasise bump shapes. 

Try to avoid wearing any white clothing as we shoot on a white background. Bright colours come out great and instantly give your pictures impact.  You may wish to show off your bare skin and draping blankets, scarfs and shawls can look very feminine and beautiful. Have a think about what clothes you own that best show off your bump and also have a think about whether you want to show some skin and therefore bring appropriate clothing to best reveal your bump.

What to bring with you?

Bump sessions are all about telling the story of where it all began. Bringing in personal items really helps add personality and character to the images. So think scan pictures, baby name books, food you've been craving, perhaps any teddies or clothes that have already been bought for the baby. 
Where is your artwork going in your home?

Your about to get some fantastic personalised artwork that will look great in any room. We recommend taking a look around your home and identifying areas where you may like to display your finished products.