Our photographic team are specialists in newborn baby photography. We have a variety of soft furnishings & baby props to set the scene for a precious shoot for your baby. We also encourage you to bring along special and meaningful accessories, clothes and keepsakes for a personalised portrait. Our studios are a relaxed environment and the pace of the shoot is set by the needs of your baby, which is why our newborn shoots run over 2 hours. 

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Babies between the ages of 3-12 weeks can come in with their family for a special bonding photoshoot. This tiny baby stage is perfect for cuddles & kisses with parents & siblings. We can also capture some lovely solo shots of your baby now both sleeping, awake & maybe even with a heart melting smile! We also encourage you to bring along special and meaningful accessories, clothes and keepsakes for a personalised portrait. Our tiny baby shoot runs over 1 hour. 



Our signature style is what we are most recognised for. Our modern white studios are the perfect setting for contemporary and natural lifestyle portraits. Your vibrant clothes and accessories really 'POP!' from the white background and adds to the fun and energy in the shoot.



Our photographers are experts in studio lighting techniques and cater for every clients home. We use a wide range of colour gel lighting to create impact and vibrancy for that extra 'WOW' effect on your walls. We can link in colour backgrounds with your interior design or for extra fun and creativity to your portraits. 



Our black and white portrait photography is a contemporary twist on fine art portraiture. Our modern white, grey or black backgrounds creates a timeless effect that enhances shape and form of the subject. Black and white is flattering and enhances mood in the image, whether it is the family laughing or snuggles with your baby. 



Our mood lighting creates lovely atmospheric studio portraits. The dynamic lighting effect enhances the subject and adds depth in the portrait. These statement images look fantastic as large scale, stand-alone works of art on your walls. The neutral background also links in well with a variety home styles.



Every photoshoot is completely unique at Zen Shots. We want to tailor each shoot to your story. This is why we encourage all clients to bring along a variety of props and accessories that will help create narrative and make your photos feel more special. In addition, it also adds to the fun and overall experience of your photoshoot.