What to wear?

It’s important to be relaxed and comfortable. Please don’t feel as though you have to over dress. We allow time for 1 or 2 outfit changes during your session. We recommend arriving in something simple like jeans and a t-shirt  to help you feel at ease and relax into the experience. Try to avoid wearing any white clothing as we shoot on a white background. Bright colours come out great and instantly give your pictures impact.  For one of your outfits, you may wish to wear patterned clothing like a checked shirt as this looks great in black and white photos.


What to bring with you?

We love bringing more personality into your images, so before you come, have a think about some personal items that may work well. It's about finding something that tells more about who you are and what you are like. The best way to do this is to think about your hobbies and interests and then find something that relates to those hobbies. You can do this for each person and the family or group as a whole.  We know it doesn't seem easy at first, but trust us, once you get going you'll come up with some great ideas.

Here's a few examples to get you started. If you're into music then headphones, a guitar or the instrument you play. Are you interested in sports?  Then perhaps a golf club, football or tennis racket. If you love holidays then sunglasses, a suitcase, skiing goggles or snowboard.  For children, your favourite toys or maybe Mum's heels or Dad's Wellies.

It's not essential but can add to the fun and show a little more about you with the photos.


Here at Zen Shots, when it comes to pets, the more the merrier!!

To help us get the most out of your furry friends, please bring along some delicious snacks and fun filled toys.  If you have a particularly white pet, to help get the most out of your images, please notify your photographer prior to your shoot so we  can arrange for a different coloured background.

Where is your artwork going in your home?

Finally, you are about to get some fantastic personalised artwork that will look great in any room. We recommend taking a look around your home and identifying areas where you may like to display your finished products.