Getting the most from your experience

The shoot lasts approximately 2 and a half hours, this is to allow for downtime such as feeding, changing and the soothing of your baby.  You can help maximise the photography time by timing your feed to coincide with the beginning of your shoot, if possible.  Slightly delaying a sleep can also help to capture those key poses that are only available in those first few precious weeks of a baby's life.

What to bring with you?

Teddy bears and blankets along with any nice gifts all work great.  To add a little more character to the images people sometimes bring along items that link to their hobbies and interests like a baking bowl, plant pot, horse-riding saddle etc. Basically anything personal that you can safely either place them in or on that will help for some fantastic images.

We'll be taking some up close hands and feet shots of both the baby and yourselves so please make sure you have the tidy hands you would want to see on your wall art.

Where is your artwork going in your home?

Finally, you are about to get some fantastic personalised artwork that will look great in any room. We recommend taking a look around your home and identifying areas where you may like to display your finished products.