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It can feel pretty daunting going through a pregnancy, whether it's your first or fifth, so we wanted to share with you a few fun facts about being pregnant that you may, or may not, be aware of and, hopefully, ease your mind of what is to come so you can enjoy every moment of the miracle of life that is growing inside of you!

1. The longest pregnancy ever recorded was 375 days long!

Normally pregnancy lasts around about 280 days so Penny Diana Hunter's baby was nearly 100 days overdue in 1945! That baby was not ready for the world!

2. And the shortest was 21 weeks and four days!

The earliest premature baby to survive was in the womb for just 21 weeks and four days before they decided to say hello to the world!

3. A pregnant woman's blood volume increase by 40-50%!

This is to help make sure there is enough oxygenated blood getting to your little one while it's growing!

4. Babies can hear their mother's voice from inside the Womb!

At about 18 weeks a foetus is able to hear sounds. By 25-26 weeks they are more responsive to noises and will respond in the womb...So maybe keep the Drum 'n' Bass for another time!

5. Your sense of smell can change!

Pregnant women usually experience a heightened sense of smell in the first trimester - which can be a sign that you're pregnant in the first place! It may also be an evolutionary way to help you avoid unsafe foods!

6. Babies can 'taste' certain foods in the womb!

Strong flavours, such as garlic, can pass through the amniotic fluid so your baby will be able to 'taste' them!

7. Pregnant women can start to lactate when they hear a crying baby!

It doesn't even have to be your own baby and your motherly instincts will automatically kick and start producing milk, evolution is a wonderful thing!

8. Your partner may experience some of the same symptoms!

It's called couvade syndrome, or sympathetic pregnancy, but it is where some men have reported symptoms like nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain, back ache and a few other symptoms with no reason or cause!

9. Fetal stem cells can travel around your body repairing it!

It turns out that fetal stem cells can migrate from the placenta into your organs to help repair damaged tissues! The 2 way bond between mother and baby really does begin in the womb!

10. Babies can cry in the womb!

When a sound is played on pregnant bellies, babies can be seen on an ultrasound startling when hearing it and opening their mouths!

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